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Incubating Young Inventors—The Compassionate Technology Innovation Competition

The Compassionate Technology Innovation Competition has been running for seven years. Forty-seven outstanding idea… Read More »

Taiwan’s April 3 Hualien Earthquake—Tzu Chi’s Response

As Taiwan grappled with the aftermath of the April 3 earthquake, Tzu Chi brought solace and aid to those reeling f… Read More »

A Traveler in Tokyo

As I watched the homeless people dropping their donations into the collection box, I felt that each one of them wa… Read More »

Sandeep Is Doing Well—Updates From India

Sumanti Devi lives in Rajgir, in the Indian state of Bihar. In late March of this year, she received a pleasant su… Read More »

ZIMBABWE|Clean Water Is Hard to Come By

Children scooping water directly from mud puddles and ponds to drink is a common sight in Zimbabwe, a landlocked c… Read More »

A Day in Bodh Gaya

As the sun rises over Bodh Gaya, Tzu Chi volunteers convene to embark on a day of philanthropic work. Each day is … Read More »

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New Classrooms for Nepal’s Quake-Impacted Schools
Tzu Chi helped build temporary classrooms for five schools damaged after a strong earthquake struck western Nepal in November 2023. Students and teachers at Shree Jana Yuwa Primary School are pictured here posing with thumbs-up in front of one of the new classrooms. (Photo by Willy Ang)
Tzu Chi’s Eco-Friendly Assistive Device Program
Tzu Chi volunteers navigate through a narrow alley on Penghu’s Hua Islet to deliver an electric bed to a family in need of the equipment. More than 60,000 recycled assistive devices have been distributed to over 40,000 households since the inception of the Tzu Chi Eco-Friendly Assistive Device Program over six years ago. (Photo by Yan Lin-zhao)
The Vitality of Plants─Nature’s Healing Power
A volunteer carefully tends to plants in a herbal garden. Plant life on the Earth not only sustains our bodies as nourishment but also possesses therapeutic qualities that contribute to our overall well-being. (Photo by Huang Xiao-zhe)
Empowering Education in the Buddha’s Birthplace
A Tzu Chi volunteer and a student at Shree Tarkulha Basic Level School in Lumbini, Nepal, demonstrate “The most beautiful face is a smiling face.” Tzu Chi volunteers are promoting the “School for All” initiative and sharing Master Cheng Yen’s aphorisms in the Buddha’s birthplace, using education to transform children’s futures. (Photo by Zhu Li Fen)
Free Dental Service for People With Special Needs
Tzu Chi holds free dental clinics every six months at three institutions in Taitung, eastern Taiwan, serving the needs of individuals with disabilities or in vegetative states. (Photo by Hsiao Yiu-hwa)
Rebuilding Lives From the Rubble─Aiding Victims of the Türkiye-Syria Quakes
Quake victims smile as they hold gift cards distributed by Tzu Chi. The foundation provided people affected by the tremors that hit Türkiye and Syria this February with gift cards, redeemable at a supermarket chain in Türkiye. (Photo by Mohammed Nimr AlJamal)

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Dharma Master Cheng Yen

To worry every day about not having enough is to be a spiritually poor person.


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