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A New Home for Tzu Chi’s Media
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A New Home for Tzu Chi’s Media

The Tzu Chi Humanitarian Center, the headquarters of Tzu Chi’s cultural mission, is moving into a new home in 2023… Read More »

Old, Not Obsolete

Octogenarian Yu Jin-rong believes that taking good care of herself frees her children from having to worry about h… Read More »

A Home Away From Home

We cry together, laugh together, and discuss how to help our fellow Ukrainians. Though we are not from Poland, we’… Read More »

Are You From Here?

Even the tiniest sound would scare them after an earthquake toppled a wall at their home, but help from a group of… Read More »

The Fast Fashion Disaster

While fast fashion has spurred purchases, it has also resulted in a lot of waste. The environment is paying the pr… Read More »

Sharada’s Wish

Sharada Harijan, a visually impaired mother in Nepal, was shy to ask for help from Tzu Chi volunteers. But she sai… Read More »

Recent Issues

Repairing Quake-Damaged Homes in Taiwan
Tzu Chi launched a project to help people repair their homes after a strong earthquake hit eastern Taiwan on September 18, 2022.(Photo by Lin Jia-ru)
A Call to Action Creating a Sustainable Earth
From actions taken on a world stage down to individual lifestyle decisions, we all have a responsibility to do what we can to protect our planet.(Photo courtesy of Huang Xiao-zhe)
Continuing Tzu Chi Aid for Ukrainian Refugees
With blankets and gift cards in hand, a Ukrainian mother and her two young kids thank Tzu Chi for the help. (Photo courtesy of Susan Chen)
Tzu Chi Helps Displaced Ukrainians
Students and teachers at El Menahil International School in Turkey started a fundraiser this March to help Tzu Chi aid Ukrainian refugees. Photo by Abdoulmalek Wais
Helping Filipino Families Impacted by Typhoon Rai
A boy in President Carlos P. Garcia, a municipality in the province of Bohol, the Philippines, helps his mother carry home the rice distributed by Tzu Chi in the aftermath of Typhoon Rai. Photo courtesy of Tzu Chi Philippines
Syrian Refugees Give Back to Taiwan
When students at El Menahil International School in Turkey returned to school in September 2021 after the pandemic had eased in the country, they donated their pocket money to help Tzu Chi headquarters in Taiwan purchase COVID vaccines to help speed up Taiwan’s vaccination program. Photo by Mohammed Nimr AlJamal

Photo Stories

Dharma Master Cheng Yen

When we experience friction with others, we should thank them for tempering our spirit and allowing it to shine.


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