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The Vitality of Plants─Nature’s Healing Power
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A Place Like Home—Chang’an Recycling Station

Saturdays are busy days at the Chang’an Recycling Station in Taiping District, Taichung, central Taiwan. It’s the … Read More »

A Dietary Approach─Fortifying the Immune System

The gut can be considered the largest organ in the immune system, and we don’t need advanced weaponry to strengthe… Read More »

The Vitality of Plants—Nature’s Healing Power

The Earth’s vegetation nourishes our bodies as food, but its therapeutic properties can keep us healthy in other w… Read More »

Stress Less, Live More—The Power of Mindfulness

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine has been proven to reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune… Read More »

Srijana’s Smile

Tzu Chi volunteers are making an impact on the lives of families struggling to make ends meet in Lumbini, Nepal, a… Read More »

Their Tzu Chi Journey

One of them is the son of a Palestinian refugee, while the other is the pillar of a single-parent Syrian refugee f… Read More »

Recent Issues

Empowering Education in the Buddha’s Birthplace
A Tzu Chi volunteer and a student at Shree Tarkulha Basic Level School in Lumbini, Nepal, demonstrate “The most beautiful face is a smiling face.” Tzu Chi volunteers are promoting the “School for All” initiative and sharing Master Cheng Yen’s aphorisms in the Buddha’s birthplace, using education to transform children’s futures. (Photo by Zhu Li Fen)
Free Dental Service for People With Special Needs
Tzu Chi holds free dental clinics every six months at three institutions in Taitung, eastern Taiwan, serving the needs of individuals with disabilities or in vegetative states. (Photo by Hsiao Yiu-hwa)
Rebuilding Lives From the Rubble─Aiding Victims of the Türkiye-Syria Quakes
Quake victims smile as they hold gift cards distributed by Tzu Chi. The foundation provided people affected by the tremors that hit Türkiye and Syria this February with gift cards, redeemable at a supermarket chain in Türkiye. (Photo by Mohammed Nimr AlJamal)
The Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes─Tzu Chi Rushes in Love and Aid
Tzu Chi purchased 10,000 blankets in Istanbul after the Türkiye-Syria quakes for distribution to quake victims. When one of the shipments arrived at El Menahil International School, all the male teaching and administrative staff turned out to unload the goods. (Photo by Mohammed Nimr AlJamal)
A New Home for Tzu Chi’s Media
The headquarters of Tzu Chi’s cultural mission is getting a new home, but its mission is the same: to spread goodness, truth, and beauty, and promote wholesome values in society. (Photo by Hsiao Yiu-hwa)
Repairing Quake-Damaged Homes in Taiwan
Tzu Chi launched a project to help people repair their homes after a strong earthquake hit eastern Taiwan on September 18, 2022.(Photo by Lin Jia-ru)

Photo Stories

Srijana’s Smile

Elementary school student Srijana Kahar holds a card printed with this aphorism by Master Cheng Yen: “The most beautiful face is a smiling face.” She demonstrates this statement through her actions.

Photo by Wang Yu Chan

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