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Rebuilding Lives From the Rubble─Aiding Victims of the Türkiye-Syria Quakes
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Rebuilding Lives From the Rubble─Aiding Victims of the Türkiye-Syria Quakes

The earthquakes that jolted Türkiye and Syria in February resulted in a vast swath of devastation, impacting an ar… Read More »

From Emergency Relief to Mid- and Long-Term Reconstruction

After the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes, Tzu Chi provided blankets, scarves, and gift cards to help survivors weather … Read More »

Bean Sorting

Providing a loving, supportive environment—and a supply of mixed beans—for her mother during her cognitive decline… Read More »

Serving the Needy in the Buddha’s Birthplace

Tzu Chi volunteers are working to address the needs of the underprivileged in Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddh… Read More »

A Tour Around the Guandu Jing Si Hall

The newly opened Guandu Jing Si Hall offers a welcoming and serene setting, reflecting the spirit of Buddhism thro… Read More »

The Hidden Gems in Palliative Care

The palliative care team at Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital bears witness to all kinds of stories as they bring comfort … Read More »

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The Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes─Tzu Chi Rushes in Love and Aid
Tzu Chi purchased 10,000 blankets in Istanbul after the Türkiye-Syria quakes for distribution to quake victims. When one of the shipments arrived at El Menahil International School, all the male teaching and administrative staff turned out to unload the goods. (Photo by Mohammed Nimr AlJamal)
A New Home for Tzu Chi’s Media
The headquarters of Tzu Chi’s cultural mission is getting a new home, but its mission is the same: to spread goodness, truth, and beauty, and promote wholesome values in society. (Photo by Hsiao Yiu-hwa)
Repairing Quake-Damaged Homes in Taiwan
Tzu Chi launched a project to help people repair their homes after a strong earthquake hit eastern Taiwan on September 18, 2022.(Photo by Lin Jia-ru)
A Call to Action Creating a Sustainable Earth
From actions taken on a world stage down to individual lifestyle decisions, we all have a responsibility to do what we can to protect our planet.(Photo courtesy of Huang Xiao-zhe)
Continuing Tzu Chi Aid for Ukrainian Refugees
With blankets and gift cards in hand, a Ukrainian mother and her two young kids thank Tzu Chi for the help. (Photo courtesy of Susan Chen)
Tzu Chi Helps Displaced Ukrainians
Students and teachers at El Menahil International School in Turkey started a fundraiser this March to help Tzu Chi aid Ukrainian refugees. Photo by Abdoulmalek Wais

Photo Stories

The Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes

Tzu Chi volunteers and members of the public in Taiwan sort and pack donated items for quake victims in Türkiye at the Tzu Chi Neihu office in Taipei, northern Taiwan.


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