The Illustrated Jing Si Aphorisms

The Buddha says:

You are your own master,and you are your own refuge.Therefore, you must first discipline yourself.

Do not talk too much—contemplate quietly.
This is the first step in breaking your bonds.

When a coworker of mine speaks to me, I often feel hurt by him. What should I do?

Master Cheng Yen replied: When people work together, they can’t avoid talking to each other. You may have felt hurt, but the other person may not have intended this and may have no idea how you feel. Why should you take it so hard? Everyone needs to learn not to get hung up on little things. Don’t be like soft tofu that falls apart with just one touch.

Translated by E. E. Ho and W. L. Rathje; drawings by Tsai Chih-chung; coloring by May E. Gu

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