The Illustrated Jing Si Aphorisms

The Buddha says:

My fellow monks!
Do not accept my teachings just because you respect me.
You should be like fire which tries pure gold.
You must personally test and prove the Dharma I teach.
Recognize the Dharma from the fruit it produces.

Buddhist disciples should not worship the Buddha as a god. We should think of the Buddha as a saint—a great educator who exceeds earthly intelligence and reveals true wisdom. He serves as a role model for us to follow.

This approach establishes a solid foundation for life and encompasses the rich educational essence of Buddhism.

Master Cheng Yen, people always want to get, but you teach people to give. Doesn’t this go against human nature?

Is it possible to always take without ever giving? It’s like always wanting to withdraw money from a bank account without ever making any deposits. It’s impossible.

Translated by E. E. Ho and W. L. Rathje; drawings by Tsai Chih-chung; coloring by May E. Gu

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