The Illustrated Jing Si Aphorisms

The Buddha says:

My fellow monks!

“Right Behavior” means that you should not take things that belong to others,engage in immoral conduct,or engage in fornication or indecency.

All this is “Right Behavior.”

We should keep our minds pure. Defiled minds are self-centered and self-serving. They can only lead to evil deeds which will produce bad karma.

We behave properly for the good of all living beings. All our actions should be for others, not for ourselves. Pure minds will result in pure karma.

Even grade school pupils know that we should be honest and trustworthy, but it is very hard to do.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen: “Nothing is difficult if you have the will to do it.”

Translated by E. E. Ho and W. L. Rathje; drawings by Tsai Chih-chung; coloring by May E. Gu

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