Accompanying Them Along the Long Road

Tzu Chi carries out charity work for refugees in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, France, Serbia, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia, providing displaced people with financial aid, daily necessities, or medical care. There are even schools or free clinic centers run by the foundation for refugees in three of these countries: Turkey, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Tzu Chi volunteers in Europe have long provided help to the KrnjaËa refugee camp in Belgrade, Serbia, a camp made up mostly of refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Tzu Chi is the only organization still providing ongoing aid to the camp. Volunteers visited the camp again in Sep­tember 2022. During the trip they also distributed school supplies and book bags to refugee students at Branko Pešić School, also in Belgrade.

Chen Chiou Hwa

A Syrian refugee receives dental treatment at a Tzu Chi free clinic in Huweyja, Mafraq, Jordan. Most of the Syrian refugees who came to the free clinic were from the Zaatari refugee camp. Tzu Chi Jordan has been caring for Syrian refugees for over ten years. Volunteers started conducting free clinics for this group of people eight years ago.

Žarko Aksentijević

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